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Products·Keypad Technology
Keypad Technology

Ⅰ ATO kaymat
      ATO (Assembly To Order) is answer to the customer’s requirements of Local Support and Fast Delivery.Its process is as follows: Injection molding—Painting—UV—Punching—Assembling—Laser carving.



Ⅱ Seamless keymat
      Seamless keymat is that combining A cover and keymat seamlessly,and can answer the requirement of thin shape and defending water. Its process is as follows: Double color injection— punching — Painting— Laser carving— painting. 





Ⅲ Mono Coating Keymat
      Mono Coating Keymat is answer to the customer’s requirements of low cost and high quality.There is no need to coat and it can also achieve the effect of decoration ,shading and protection.Its process is as follows:Injectiong—Single layer painting—Laser carving—Punching—Assembling.




      As the picture shows,through controling different LED light and light to different light guide film to achieve different modes of transformation.Its process is as follows: Kaymat+ Light guide film+ LED—Assembling




Ⅴ Waterborne Coating Keymat
      As a environment friendly technology, using waterborne coating keymat will be a trend of mobile phone manufacturing industry .Its process is as follows: Injection—Waterborne painting — Laser carving — Waterborne painting— Punching —Assembling. 




Ⅵ Glass Keymat
      Glass material is more transparent than other materials. Using glass keyboard can give consumers with comfortable hand feeling and noble feeling. Its process is as follows: Glass cutting—Polishing—Chemical Strength—printing—Assembling.


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